1Tonitrophobia Fear of thunderExplore 
2Astraphobia Fear of thunder and lightningExplore 
3Dendrophobia Fear of treesExplore 
4Arachibutyrophobia Fear of peanut butterExplore 
5Automatonophobia Fear of Human-Like FiguresExplore 
6Mysophobia Fear of dirt and germsExplore 
7Arachnophobia Fear of spidersExplore 
8Trypanophobia Fear of needles/injectionsExplore 
9Ornithophobia Fear of birdsExplore 
10Lockiophobia Fear of childbirthExplore 
11Botanophobia Fear of plantsExplore 
12Chronophobia Fear of TimeExplore 
13Catagelophobia Fear of being ridiculedExplore 
14Gamophobia Fear of marriageExplore 
15Venustraphobia Fear of beautiful womenExplore 
16Catoptrophobia Fear of mirrorsExplore 
17Papyrophobia Fear of paperExplore 
18Achluophobia Fear of darknessExplore 
19Wiccaphobia Fear of witches and witchcraftExplore 
20Pedophobia Fear of childrenExplore 
21Chionophobia Fear of snowExplore 
22Trypophobia Fear of HolesExplore 
23Megalophobia Fear of large thingsExplore 
24Cacophobia Fear of uglinessExplore 
25Scolionophobia Fear of schoolExplore 
26Noctiphobia Fear of the nightExplore 
27Batrachophobia Fear of amphibiansExplore 

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