1Acrophobia Fear of heightsExplore 
2Androphobia Fear of menExplore 
3Catoptrophobia Fear of mirrorsExplore 
4Mysophobia Fear of dirt and germsExplore 
5Selenophobia Fear of the moonExplore 
6Chronomentrophobia Fear of clocksExplore 
7Belonephobia Fear of pins and needlesExplore 
8Lilapsophobia Fear of tornadoes and hurricanesExplore 
9Dendrophobia Fear of treesExplore 
10Tonitrophobia Fear of thunderExplore 
11Heliophobia Fear of the sunExplore 
12Anthropophobia Fear of people or societyExplore 
13Ophidiophobia Fear of snakesExplore 
14Chronophobia Fear of TimeExplore 
15Coulrophobia Fear of clownsExplore 
16Ombrophobia Fear of rainExplore 
17Cynophobia Fear of dogsExplore 
18Ecophobia Fear of the homeExplore 
19Atychiphobia Fear of failureExplore 
20Barophobia Fear of gravityExplore 
21Genuphobia Fear of kneesExplore 
22Xenophobia Fear of strangers or foreignersExplore 
23Aerophobia Fear of flyingExplore 
24Koumpounophobia Fear of buttonsExplore 
25Atelophobia Fear of imperfectionExplore 
26Aphenphosmphobia Fear of being touchedExplore 
27Arithmophobia Fear of numbersExplore 

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