1Selenophobia Fear of the moonExplore 
2Lockiophobia Fear of childbirthExplore 
3Elurophobia Fear of catsExplore 
4Autophobia Fear of being aloneExplore 
5Octophobia Fear of the figure 8Explore 
6Ataxophobia Fear of disorder or untidinessExplore 
7Wiccaphobia Fear of witches and witchcraftExplore 
8Sociophobia Fear of social evaluationExplore 
9Ornithophobia Fear of birdsExplore 
10Herpetophobia Fear of reptilesExplore 
11Hydrophobia Fear of waterExplore 
12Atychiphobia Fear of failureExplore 
13Acrophobia Fear of heightsExplore 
14Batrachophobia Fear of amphibiansExplore 
15Gamophobia Fear of marriageExplore 
16Scoptophobia Fear of being stared atExplore 
17Necrophobia Fear of death or dead thingsExplore 
18Cacophobia Fear of uglinessExplore 
19Anthropophobia Fear of people or societyExplore 
20Androphobia Fear of menExplore 
21Leukophobia Fear of the color whiteExplore 
22Chionophobia Fear of snowExplore 
23Chromophobia Fear of colorsExplore 
24Insectophobia Fear of insectsExplore 
25Heliophobia Fear of the sunExplore 
26Dendrophobia Fear of treesExplore 
27Anginophobia Fear of angina or chokingExplore 

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