1Miss MarpleExplore 
2The Secret AdversaryExplore 
3The Herb of Death and Other StoriesExplore 
4The Regatta Mystery and Other StoriesExplore 
5Three Act Tragedy / Murder in Three ActsExplore 
6The Theft of the Royal RubyExplore 
7Strange JestExplore 
8Miss Marple InvestigatesExplore 
9The Manhood of Edward RobinsonExplore 
10A Star over Bethlehem and Other StoriesExplore 
11Hercule Poirot\'s Early CasesExplore 
12The Face of HelenExplore 
13The Case of the Discontented SoldierExplore 
15Ingots of GoldExplore 
16Three Puzzles for PoirotExplore 

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