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1Nosocomephobia Fear of hospitalsExplore 
2Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces or crowdsExplore 
3Sociophobia Fear of social evaluationExplore 
4Gynophobia Fear of womenExplore 
5Scoptophobia Fear of being stared atExplore 
6Haphephobia Fear of touchExplore 
7Atelophobia Fear of imperfectionExplore 
8Heliophobia Fear of the sunExplore 
9Anginophobia Fear of angina or chokingExplore 
10Coulrophobia Fear of clownsExplore 
11Dentophobia Fear of dentistsExplore 
12Necrophobia Fear of death or dead thingsExplore 
13Ophidiophobia Fear of snakesExplore 
14Anthrophobia Fear of flowersExplore 
15Nyctophobia Fear of the darkExplore 
16Ecophobia Fear of the homeExplore 
17Androphobia Fear of menExplore 
18Lockiophobia Fear of childbirthExplore 
19Somniphobia Fear of sleepExplore 
20Philematophobia Fear of KissingExplore 
21Chronophobia Fear of TimeExplore 
22Ephebiphobia Fear of teenagersExplore 
23Bacteriophobia Fear of bacteriaExplore 
24Selenophobia Fear of the moonExplore 
25Samhainophobia Fear of HalloweenExplore 
26Pathophobia Fear of diseaseExplore 
27Megalophobia Fear of large thingsExplore 

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