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1Autophobia Fear of being aloneExplore 
2Bibliophobia Fear of booksExplore 
3Selenophobia Fear of the moonExplore 
4Cacophobia Fear of uglinessExplore 
5Algophobia Fear of painExplore 
6Wiccaphobia Fear of witches and witchcraftExplore 
7Elurophobia Fear of catsExplore 
8Gynophobia Fear of womenExplore 
9Anthropophobia Fear of people or societyExplore 
10Tachophobia Fear of speedExplore 
11Hydrophobia Fear of waterExplore 
12Sociophobia Fear of social evaluationExplore 
13Necrophobia Fear of death or dead thingsExplore 
14Acrophobia Fear of heightsExplore 
15Trypophobia Fear of HolesExplore 
16Catoptrophobia Fear of mirrorsExplore 
17Arithmophobia Fear of numbersExplore 
18Podophobia Fear of feetExplore 
19Aphenphosmphobia Fear of being touchedExplore 
20Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces or crowdsExplore 
21Glossophobia Fear of speaking in publicExplore 
22Ombrophobia Fear of rainExplore 
23Iatrophobia Fear of doctorsExplore 
24Heliophobia Fear of the sunExplore 
25Insectophobia Fear of insectsExplore 
26Dendrophobia Fear of treesExplore 
27Porphyrophobia Fear of the color purpleExplore