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1Koumpounophobia Fear of buttonsExplore 
2Phobophobia Fear of phobiasExplore 
3Equinophobia Fear of horsesExplore 
4Melanophobia Fear of the color blackExplore 
5Lilapsophobia Fear of tornadoes and hurricanesExplore 
6Lockiophobia Fear of childbirthExplore 
7Nyctophobia Fear of the darkExplore 
8Chromophobia Fear of colorsExplore 
9Megalophobia Fear of large thingsExplore 
10Scolionophobia Fear of schoolExplore 
11Porphyrophobia Fear of the color purpleExplore 
12Koinoniphobia Fear of roomsExplore 
13Leukophobia Fear of the color whiteExplore 
14Ataxophobia Fear of disorder or untidinessExplore 
15Hypochondria Fear of illnessExplore 
16Chronomentrophobia Fear of clocksExplore 
17Elurophobia Fear of catsExplore 
18Autophobia Fear of being aloneExplore 
19Tachophobia Fear of speedExplore 
20Automatonophobia Fear of Human-Like FiguresExplore 
21Bacteriophobia Fear of bacteriaExplore 
22Podophobia Fear of feetExplore 
23Mysophobia Fear of dirt and germsExplore 
24Botanophobia Fear of plantsExplore 
25Obesophobia Fear of gaining weightExplore 
26Insectophobia Fear of insectsExplore 
27Ophidiophobia Fear of snakesExplore 

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