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2Sleeping MurderExplore 
3Problem at SeaExplore 
4The Affair at the BungalowExplore 
5In the Cool of the EveningExplore 
6The Murder at the VicarageExplore 
7Five Little Pigs / Murder in RetrospectExplore 
8Clues to ChristieExplore 
9The Hollow / Murder After HoursExplore 
10The Unbreakable AlibiExplore 
11The Case of the Distressed LadyExplore 
12The Mystery of the Blue JarExplore 
13The Adventure of the Italian NoblemanExplore 
14Three Puzzles for PoirotExplore 
15The Naughty DonkeyExplore 
16Hercule Poirot\'s CasebookExplore 

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