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1Within a WallExplore 
2The 4:50 From Paddington / What Mrs. McGillicuddy SawExplore 
3Strange JestExplore 
4Hercule Poirot\'s Christmas / Murder for Christmas / A Holiday for MurderExplore 
5On the Case With Inspector PoirotExplore 
6Magnolia BlossomExplore 
7At the \'Bells and Motley\'Explore 
8The Last SeanceExplore 
9Masterpieces of Mystery and the UnknownExplore 
10By the Pricking of My ThumbsExplore 
11The King of ClubsExplore 
12The LampExplore 
13The Mystery of the Baghdad ChestExplore 
14The House of Lurking DeathExplore 
15The Adventure of Johnnie WaverlyExplore 
16Promotion in the HighestExplore 

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